Legal Resources Centre

Fighting To Learn

A book focusing on the efforts of South African civil society to ensure quality basic education in schools.


1st Edition 2015; Published by Legal Resources Centre


The right to education that enables effective learning for life and livelihood is vital for democracy and development.


The Legal Resources Centre was established in 1979 as a public interest law centre that seeks to use the law as an instrument of social justice.

Mud Schools 2

In 2010 the LRC embarked on litigation to address the problem of unsafe, crumbling mud structure schools in the Eastern Cape after repeated unsuccessful requests to the Education Department to remedy the situation at client schools.

Norms and standards for school infrastructure

A report conducted in May 2011 shockingly revealed that over 3 500 schools in South Africa still did not have access to electricity, 900 did not have sanitation facilities and 2 400 were without water.

Furniture – a chair to sit on and a desk to work at

Getting children into school is just one step in the battle to ensure children receive a quality education.

Teachers to teach

A vital ingredient in ensuring children receive a quality education is ensuring they are taught by passionate and skilled educators.

Learner-teacher support materials

Access to learning materials to assist teaching is central to the provision of a quality education.


The writers would like to thank the following individuals and groups for contributing information and support to this resource and also for their continued work in advancing human rights.